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The Crucible - PDF Downloads Click on the buttons below to download the cards and sheets you need. Select the card fronts plus the backing sheet depending on the scale you play. Lastly select the play sheets for your chosen scale. Note that the cards for the scenarios - Judgement Day and Weed of Gold, plus the NDF and Power Armour  cards - have no picture fronts. If individual cards seem too fiddly, why not try the Big Detachment Cards (see above). Pick the force you want from the button and have points costs, vehicle, leadership and detachment stats at your fingertips. Detachment Buying Guide: a list of vehicles with the  manufacturers’ model names is now available. Match the recommended Old Crow and GZG vehicles to the detachment you want to field the easy way! Leadership Cards: having trouble remembering your detachment leaders? Download a PDF of all possible leadership cards for any force: Power Armour Rules:                                  Tape Measure Guides   
Sincanmo column
Slammers supply column with M9s, jeeps and GD800 trucks Zaparoyski Sabre rattling Sincanmo column
Zaparoyski Sabre rattling
Slammers supply column
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