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ben Medhi’s Legion (Post 343TW)
Ben Medhi’s Legion are an Elite mercenary force formed around 335 TW after the death of its previous commander. In fact, the Legion had been led by a succession of different commanders during its life. Before ben Medhi, Colonel Lucus Broglie had taken command of what was then Baffin’s Legion, as it was then named. This occurred in 331TW after the death of Colonel Baffin during combat in the Western Wing Campaign at the hands of the Slammers. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models A Painting guide can be found here Colonel Baffin Baffin hailed from Comfort, an aptly named, agricultural planetary system which, as often happens, breeds tough young men who want to try their hands at something other than farming. After rising through the ranks on a number of worlds in 325TW he found himself in charge of his own mercenary company. Backed by several wealthy organizations, he built up a high-end force of veteran fighters using quality equipment, but in 331 his luck ran out. Supporting the Hindi forces and against the Han and their mercenaries, Willard Baffin’s troops found themselves leaderless when a rapid advance by the panzers of Colonel Hammer’s forces destroyed much of his command centre. Baffin’s Legion needed a new commander and they chose Lucus Broglie, a Captain in the Slammers. And so Baffin’s Legion became Broglie’s Legion.
Jucy Lucy - M12 L14 Command Tank Destroyer armed with a 20cm and 2cm tribarrel powergun A GS 1141R Gun Mortar