Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs FAQs are listed on an up to date, printable sheet in Supplement 4 but currently included on that list are questions on: Ramming with AFVs; Can the ADS system be used (and lost) as a weapon system from damage?; Can vehicles get cover behind other vehicles?; When does ‘No Moving or Firing Next Turn’ take effect?; Is a towed weapon a separate TU to be lost?; And what about ‘Deployable’ and ‘Remote Controlled’ weapons rather than Towed weapons?; When do you pay LPs for Snipers to spot and what happens if they are killed when spotting or designating?; Rapid Fire: what happens when the gun jams and when does it happen?; What constitute ‘Cover that blocks the line of sight’?; What will give cover for vehicles?; What constitutes Hard Cover for Infantry?; Can infantry move 3 times after debussing from an APC that has moved 3 times?; Can infantry get into transport that was not their original transport vehicle?;  Is there an ammo limit to big things like missiles - especially on small vehicles?; If a weapon is listed as fires Every Other Turn (EOT) what happens with Rapid Fire? How does the leadership system work? If a detachment commander is killed, then who’s in charge?
Thunderbolt column
A Night Crow uses the terrain Apex Dragoons advance Thunderbolt column
Apex Dragoons advance
A Night Crow uses the terrain
An Eaglewing Night Crow SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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