Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible The Crucible takes the Hammer’s Slammers tabletop gaming system to a new level: it contains rule enhancements, new rules, new Mercenary companies, an alien race, a painting guide, an introductory scenario and so much more: New Forces: 10 new mercenary groups and regular units with full detachment details and play cards for them and ALL of the ones from the previous volumes: 41 different forces in total - 120 enhanced TU play cards with new information to speed game play and three play sheets; more detail Expanded range bands & movement types; more detail New Elite Skills and Elite Commanders sections: add fun and make generating scenarios quick and simple with these optional add ons; more detail Judgement Day: introductory scenario with original material by David Drake; Autochthons: teleporting aliens fighting for their home world with ambush tactics and found weapons; Enhanced weapon charts: with new weapons like vehicle mounted flame- throwers, limpet mines, dual-feed cannon and even muskets! more detail Over 200 new graphics and photographs in full colour! Here’s a page sample.
Division Legere Panthere Tank
Hovercraft entering the water Slammer's combat car Division Legere Panthere Tank
Slammer's combat car
Hovercraft entering the water
Slammers M9A7 Combat Car in dazzle pattern Hammer's Slammers The Crucible back cover showing 28mm scale vehiicles SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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