Errata Page 2 PDF Version Example of Maximum Range: Page 106 has an example of Maximum Range in the green bar on the left. It says “...240cm is the maximum a weapon with range Long can fire...” should read “...240cm is the maximum a weapon with range Medium can fire...” Thunderbolt Card Change: The Thunderbolt BR49 and BR51 had a couple of weapons missed off of the cards. The whole sheet has been replaced. Go to the PDF download page to get the latest ones (Card 13) in the scale of your choice. Page 148 - Sgt Bourne: At the end of the bullet point describing his ability to add a Submachine gun to the jeep’s firing abilities, it should actually say what that is: Shots 1, FP 1/1  (Medium range) FArc only, rather than remind me to check the current rules.... Page 176 - Vehicle Mounted Flamethrowers: The weapons play sheets (in all scales as downloads as well as in the rule book) say that Vehicle Mounted flamethrowers have factors of Shots 1, FP 3/2. As it says at the bottom of that playsheet - and in the body of the rules - this should be Shots 1, FP 3/3.  The downloadable playsheets in all scales have been amended to reflect this (version 2.1). 
Herman's Whore powers across the bridge West Riding Yeomanry take a position of advantage Goanna
West Riding Yeomanry
Herman's Whore on the bridge
Waldheim Dragoons M2A2 SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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