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Division Légère (330TW and beyond)
The Division – along with the the Phenix Moirots, the Alaudae and the Compagnie de Barthe – are a francophile unit with strong gallic roots. They are similarly equipped to the Compagnie de Barthe: the infantry wear mottled fatigues, carry flechette weapons and use hover APCs and armoured vehicles. The Panthère 1 and the larger Panthère 2 medium tank has an effective 15cm powergun with gatling railgun and light ATGWs. The low-slung Hadès tank destroyer carries the same main weapon whereas the Hadès II has a heavier 20cm weapon but much lighter armour. It is generally hated by its crews who claim it is a cramped, dangerous ‘fire magnet’. The infantry move in Épée hover APCs and variants of that provide artillery and anti-artillery support. The foot-sloggers also get help in the anti-amour role from the Gorille Jeep and, more often than not, the Babouin ATGW units that accompany it. These small, remote- controlled hover missile platforms carry a Manta light ATGW and can be very effective as – although being quite vulnerable themselves – they are fast, hit hard and don’t expose the crews to danger. A Gorille and one Babouin unit count - together - as a single TU. Two more Babouin units constitute a second TU. The Division Légère, like most forces, were constantly making upgrades to their forces. By 330TW, they had decided to up-armour their vulnerable Gorille jeeps, a lynch-pin of their remote control missile platforms, to Gorille 2 specifications. In addition there was some movement of weapon systems - particularly Heavy Support Weapons - to a bow mount at the front of the hull on most of the heavier vehicles. Finally, with the Épée Command APC both armed and enlarged to also take infantry, an additional pair of remote missile units was attached to the Infantry Platoons, placing more emphasis on remote vehicles rather than crewed ones.
Cochon Artillery 'hog' with stubby remote 21cm rocket launcher and bow mounted Heavy support weapon with two Anti-Tank squads