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The Cecach Campaign 322 - 329TW
The planet of Cecach (technically, Cecach Prime around the star Cecach) was one of a cluster of planetary systems which had been colonised by Terran Europeans in the late third century. This included Podel's World (mostly settled by Romanian people), Novoya Swoboda and Cecach settled by humans from a Czech background, and some others. All vehicle models and figures in 15mm are by Brigade  (EuroFed, Polish, German and Slammers ranges). Many are also available in 6mm from the same manufacturer. In 322TW, the Cecach Federal Government based in the capitol of Praha found themselves in conflict with a Republican movement and - what had been a political, ideological and religiously driven struggle - rapidly developed into a hot war with violent sectarian conflict. Novoya Swoboda - the nearest system - although aligned politically and culturally, attempted to stay neutral in the conflict, besides which, shipping to both sides became a lucrative business (and the ore production of Cecach was both prodigious and highly profitable, so it made sense to the Novoya Swoboda government to take that stance). As the war progressed it then stalled: the weapon systems of both sides were not designed for long conflict, being suited more to police actions. On top of that, the troops involved - whilst motivated by both religion and a sense of righteousness - were generally not highly trained. The battlefield became entrenched with Federal Garrisons maintaining defensive positions around star bases - usually positioned alongside either mining areas or capital cities - and the Republicans attempted to attack these with only limited success, having little heavy equipment and generally only looted Federal AFVs or those that had been brought over with defecting Federal units. Around 325TW the Republicans began to use a series of wheeled AFVs supplied by the Forges de Milhaud - an arms company based on Trinity. How they found their way to Cecach was difficult to explain, although independent shippers from Novoya Swoboda were suspected (a claim the Swoboda government vehemently denied). How they were paid for was even harder to deduce but the future mineral wealth of whomsoever ultimately controlled Cecach was a bargaining chip in any negotiation.
Forges de Milhaud Catroux 'Tygrys' L17 with twin barreled, rapid-fire heavy  conebore weapons