Hammer’s Slammers - Blowers update Material from previous versions of the Hammers Slammers rules books - the Technical Manual and Hammer's Anvils. The Crucible supplants all previous Hammer’s Slammers rules sets however, in producing Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible, some of the background material in the two previous volumes was removed from the book simply to keep the book to a sensible size (and cost!). Other material was removed as it had been superseded. With the lack of availability of the Technical Manual and Hammer's Anvils - or at least them becoming harder to locate - there was concern that some of this material would become increasingly hard for the enthusiast and gamer to locate. The following PDF document contains much of the background material for the Slammers primary vehicles, the M2 'Blower' tank, the M9 combat car and the M53 Hog, a great deal of which had been trimmed for The Crucible. In places it has been updated to reflect material in The Crucible and even new material that appears on this web site - the inclusion of material that references the Lightning Division (post 340TW) being a case in point.
Slammers M9A7 combat car
Slammers M2A4F turret and commander Slammers M2A4 tank Slammers M9A7 combat car
Slammers M2A4 tank
Slammers M2A4F turret
Lightning Division M9A14 Crew Car download PDF SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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