Latest Rules Updates Supplement 1 (click for link) This contains details of the Nieuw Friesand Defence Force Updated Play Sheets - Supplement 1 Play Sheet with additional charts for Building Damage, Satchel Charges, infantry in AFVs and Snipers. Supplement 2 (click for link) With two new forces - Wrangel’s Legion and the Ariete Division, enhanced movement rules and new elite skills. Supplement 3 (click for link) With new rules on electronic warfare, stealth and missiles (with play cards in all three scales) a painting guide for 15mm models and a scenario (download the map). Supplement 4 (click for link) This contains three new Troops classes, new Elite skills for Artillery, seekering munitions and Enhanced Data Links; new Optional Rules for Troops, Thunder Runs, Multi-Story buildings, Ramming, Prime detachments and more. Plus there’s rule updates on SMGs, firing arcs, Fireflies, Anti-AAA capabilities and more plus the FAQ and Expanded Contents. Supplement 5 (click for link) This has Elite skills points costs and new rules for intelligent dones, enhanced snipers, laser burn-through and more. The ‘non canon’ Power Armour rules, plus the Weed of Gold and Under the Hammer scenarios, previously published in Miniature Wargames. New web only forces here. Plus there’s an errata section, an FAQ list, a Buying Detachments Guide, to make it easier to find the vehicles you need. Finally, we’ve added the new Elite Skills and Optional Rules ‘cheat sheets’ and a mini-campaign starter pack.  
Guardforce O'Higgins truck
Apex Dragoons MICV A combat car at speed Guardforce O'Higgins light truck with a Slammers combat car
A combat car at speed
Apex Dragoons MICV
M9A2 combat car
John Treadaway 2014 
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