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Han Black Banner & Han Chinese Peoples’ Guard (Post 340TW)
The Han Black Banner were formed as a specialised unit and an offshoot of the Han Chinese Peoples’ National Guard army. By the late 330’s they had gained considerable experience and were often deployed by the Chinese Planetary forces when a ‘non-attributable’ force was required and where the National Army were either not up to the task, or a smaller, harder hitting, better trained unit was more applicable. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models Colonel Bai Bai was a career soldier and was promoted through the ranks in the National Army before transferring over to the Black Banner Brigade as their commander in chief. He was an inspirational leader and was excellent at procurement. This meant the the Black banner often had the pick of the equipment on offer which was usually superior to the regular army, especially in areas like communications and electronics. This extends into areas like Sniper Pods with a more compact version being carried by the Black Banner forces: small enough to fit in the equipment trunk of a the ChiNam Spider Trike, for example, whereas the regulars - although they have the same vehicles - have to use large equipment that requires a 4x4 vehicle such as the CSK-27 Lìliàng 4×4 Scout Car.
ZSL-95A Hulóng 8x8 missile system ZTZ-81 8-wheeled tank