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New Ukrainian Army in 15mm
The Zaporoskiye Brigade featured in the story Night March and this force represents their final form after the Brigade retired. All vehicle models are from Critical Mass Games. All infantry from Rebel Miniatures. The New Ukrainian Army Established in 352TW, the NUA was formed from the backbone of the Zaporoskiye Brigade, a mercenary force that had existed since 311TW. After completing many contracts on dozens of worlds - Sulewesi, Cullen's World, Ktarch and planets within the Gorgon Cluster - Hetman (Colonel) Ivan Orlyk, now in his seventies, witnessed what Alois Hammer had done on New Friesland and considered a similar move on his home world of New Ukrainia. An opportunity presented itself in 350TW when the New Ukranians themselves were attacked on their secondary planet within their home system - an extensive mining colony - by forces lead by mercenary companies (The Division Légère with Bartel’s Armour supported by the Sons of Mangala). The Zaporoskiye Brigade came to assist their New Ukranian comrades and never left… By 351 then President of New Ukrania decided to retire to his winter residence and hand over the day to day running of the planetary government to Orlyk, still a sprightly and very capable man. And certainly a very determined one… By 352, just after the death of President Khmelnytsky, Orlyk was elected president by the leaders of the six Oblasts (provinces) of the system (five on New Ukrainia itself and one on New Crimea, the associated mining planet in the Ukrainian system). As president, he set about reorganising the armed forces to ensure that no similar attacks against the home world or its territories by mercenary forces could succeed. To do this he formed the NUA with the original Ukrainian forces being, effectively, reduced to simply regular troops, with his by now very seasoned - and battle hardened - Zaporoskiye Brigade forming the Zaporoskiye Regiment: the elite spear tip of any future fighting force.
download PDF Xaoc (Havoc) Medium Tank Xaoc uses a 15cm powergun and a rapid fire heavy coil-gun