New Forces for the website Page 1  This page will feature new forces that do not appear within The Crucible. The Brigada Independência (Independence Brigade) from Brazil on Earth.  using Old Crow and GZG vehicles More information. The Lightning Division post 340TW from appear in the Supplement 3 scenario Attack on Kendrick Spaceport. More information. The New Ukrainian Army was formed in 352TW This force uses Critical Mass Games vehicles in 15mm. More Information. Latest addition is an NUA Cossack Airborne wing using Khurasan and GZG models. Greenwoods Archers: 334TW update using Antenociti vehicles. Play sheet. The Antargran Regular Army (The UAAF) This force is formed using Khurasan models and figures. More information. TAS update of the Police units (post 348TW): Using Brigade Models vehicles and GZG figures. More information. Division Legere (post 330TW): GZG models and figures. More information. Marvelan Confederacy using Brigade and Antenociti vehicles. More information. Hiroseki National Army: Figures and models from Brigade. More information. Stewart Regiment: Figures and models from Brigade. More information. Thunderbolt Division: Half Tracks from Brigade, figures from GZG. More info. Sulwesi National Army: wheeled vehicles with horse mounted scouts! Info Updated Alaudae Legion: Figures & models by Brigade. More information. Flaming Sword - Post 339: Figures & models by Brigade and GZG. More Info Zaporoskiye Brigade (Post 340TW): Figures & models by Brigade More Info Clark’s Commandos (Post 348TW): Models by Darkest Star more Info
Terran Star Marines at speed
Molot Ukrainian Heavy MBTs Antargran Regular Army Gryphon Medium Tank Terran Star Marines at speed: the Wraith medium tank, the Spectre MICV and the Banshee support vehicle
Gryphon Medium Tank
Molot Ukrainian Heavy MBTs
Antargran Regular Army Zentaur Heavy Tank SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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New Forces