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Auroran Regular Army - Post 332TW
Since the turn of the fourth century, Aurore – a French speaking, human colonised planet of some one hundred years in the centre mass of the Gorgon Cluster – found itself fighting several wars at once on colony planets and its formidable military – impressive and capable as it was – found itself stretched to breaking point. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models Background It was in this period – in the early 320s – that the Aurorean government began actively pursuing comparatively lightly equipped mercenary forces to handle some of the more contentious and difficult peripheral campaigns, leaving the standing army to cover more central issues pertaining to the local sphere within the cluster and indeed the rising levels of civil unrest manifesting upon the Aurore home world. At the turn of the century, Pyrenea – a planet on the periphery of the Gorgon Cluster – was established as a colony world of Aurore. The Auroreans used Pyrenea as an opencast mine for the most part, its considerable mineral wealth being a great advantage to their ambitions although less favourable to the original human settlers, largely comprised of peoples who termed themselves ‘Israelites’. Militarily Pyrenea was a huge drain for Aurore: its hot desert climate and less than cooperative population required a continuous (and costly) military presence. Aurore established a semi-mercenary military unit called the LSS (the Légion Solaire Supplémentaire or Extra Solar Legion) as an ‘out-of-system’ military force comprised of, very often, non-Aurorean personnel. Aurore found that these soldiers were often easier to recruit if background checks were minimalised… They supplemented the regular military forces until – in 320TW – they were suddenly pulled out, leaving just the LSS.
The Curtiss Blower Heavy MBT with its Hi Intensity 20cm powergun is a formidable vehicle.