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Guardforce O’Higgins (Post 331TW)
Led by Coirnéal Éamon O'Higgins, the Guardforce are a Regiment-sized formation is made up of mechanised units trained in police actions or defensive scenarios. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models Background Around 318 TW Maolán O’Higgins set out to build a combined arms regiment of three battalions. These were of mixed levels of training with standard troops led by a veteran Fianóglach Detachment. Each of three armoured infantry companies were supported by the light, but hard hitting VTOL-borne infantry (Fianóglach) ranger company. The infantry used tracked light tanks and support tanks, tracked APCs and wheeled trucks. The infantry were equipped with flechette rifles with buzzbombs and heavier support weapons as appropriate, with the heavy weapons being Combustion Assisted Plasma weapons. Support was in the form of air-defence, anti- tank, fire-support, and recce and these are centralized within each battalion structure. The Guardforce is fairly effective, though not at the same level as other more experienced Elite units, and they have faced severe Bonding Authority sanctions in the past resulting from lax discipline. Their equipment was little better than the planetary forces that they supplemented, but they make up for this with determination, effective organisation, and relative experience.
The Centurion Attacker 204 is armed with a 10cm powergun and is used only by the Fianoglach The Fragarach Light Tank can be armed with dual ECAP weapons