Campaign Resources This page contains a number of links to material that can help you run a Hammer’s Slammers ‘mini-campaign’. It is designed primarily for 15mm games between two players with access to forces ranging from one to three detachments per side. It uses material from the core rule book plus Supplement 2 and Supplement 3 plus the Elite Skills ‘Cheat Sheet’. The premise is to encourage frequent battles against largely even forces, with a reward, for the players, of Elite Skills to give to their whole force. Elite Skill Cards can be printed out and - depending on the result of the battle - chosen or awarded via a dice roll to whole forces: any force that gains an Elite Skill has that apply to any and all detachments fielded by that force (by that player) in future, within the campaign. The objective is specifically not to encourage competitive, points based tournament play but to generate a framework upon which to hang regular battles with forces of various sizes and may be adapted to suit different play styles and players' needs.
Eaglewing Nightcrow
Solace MICV Eaglewing Callope Eaglewing Nightcrow
Eaglewing Callope
Solace MICV
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