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Clark’s Commandos (Post 348TW)
Led by Colonel James Clark, the Commandos are a light to medium weight mercenary company, based on mostly wheeled vehicles supplemented by some heavier tracked AFVs. Although they don’t appear in Drake’s actual work, these forces are a memorial to the late Jim Clark, a great supporter of the Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible game system. All vehicle models and figures are by Darkest Star Games Background Around 340 TW Clark decided to move from being merely the purchaser and dealer of arms for various mercenary forces into constructing a fully fledged mercenary company. Always on the lookout for new systems, he located a manufacturer who could supply a basic 8x8 wheeled chassis in a number of variants fulfilling all of his attack and defensive needs. He also saw that they specialised in personal body armour and so decided to fill a niche that he thought had not been addressed: a fast, light to medium attack unit with the emphasis on well equiped, fully armoured infantry. Within two years, Clark’s Commandos was born and were able to win contracts and - by the late 340s - Clark had begun to supplement the purely wheeled AFVs with with a single tracked AFV variant which - although using the same armaments as their wheeled cousins - could swap thicker armour for a reduction in top speed.
The Scorpion LACV with a 9cm Auto Cannon and a 1cm Gatling Railgun A pair of Rinkhals MLRS Mortar-Missile system vehicles