Gaming in the Slammers universe is now better than ever You can now use a book specifically designed for tabletop wargaming Hammer’s Slammers in three scales: 28mm, 15mm and 6mm. The Crucible has absolutely everything you need to game the system, with background detail and detachment lists for more new forces, all straight from the Slammer’s books, play cards, a painting guide by Kevin Dallimore... there’s just too much to mention. And it’s all endorsed by Slammers author David Drake. Full colour hardback and over 200 pages, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for! Click here for a preview of what’s inside the book (3.2mb pdf). There are five rules supplements available, for free download here. For FAQs about the rules click here. For reviews, click here. For the Campaign Pack to help you run mini-campaigns, click here. Check out the pictures, on this page and in the Crucible Gallery and Launch Gallery1, 2, 3 and 3 as a taster! Stock is held by Brigade Models or Caliver books. Order yours today! The rules are now available from Amazon as The Digital Crucible
Latest Brigade 15mm Blowers
Ainsty 15mm Combat Car A Blower tank in the city Blower tank by Ainsty Castings
A Blower tank in the city
Latest Brigade 15mm Combat Cars
Nonesuch Jagdlancer - 200 tones and a 25cm powergun Hammer's Slammers The Crucible front cover showing 28mm scale Blower SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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