Errata Page 4 PDF Version Slammer’s TU Cards: There was a typo on the light mortar mounted in the jeep. This has been corrected. Also, on page 32, the Infantry stats for Shots is out of sync with the TU cards. Follow the stats on the cards. All updated cards available here. Ander’s Legion and West Riding Yeomanry TU Cards: There was a typo on the tank hunter squads in both of these forces (they had FP1/1 instead of FP 1/3). This has been corrected. Waldheim Dragoons: Typo on cards - the APC type is wrongly described. This has been corrected. Division Legere: The cards stated that the Command vehicle could not carry infantry. It can - 2TUs, the same as a regular APC. This has been corrected on the cards. p106 Green sidebar: 240cm is the maximum a weapon with range Medium can fire, rather than Long. p107 Turn Sequence: Phase 7c - It says “firing results from previous turn phase 5d. This should be Phase 7d. VTOL Flyers TU Cards - Most movement rates now Very Fast: There has been a reassessment of movement rates for VTOLs as used by some forces. This has been corrected. All updated cards available here.
Slammers blower tank
Desert buggies by Wayne industries Attack on Slammers combat car and cargo Slammers blower tank
Attack on Slammers
Desert buggies
Ander's legion Sabre tank SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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