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Marvelan Confederacy Enforcement Corps (MCEC) - 353TW
The Marvelan Confederacy is a trade organization that represents a group of worlds and systems in their business deals; buying and selling drugs and other valuable commodities. One of the planets they managed as part of their confederation was Cantilucca but, in 353TW, the Confederacy lost control of it to Friesland. The FDF were sent in against mercenary forces hired by the Marvelans and the mercs were swiftly - and severely - 'hammered'. All vehicle models are by Antenociti from their FATC range. Figures are from Armies Army. Three things resulted from the battle on Cantilucca. Firstly, the Confederacy lost control of Cantilucca and the lucrative drugs trade that the planet had provided and they were forced to take stock. Secondly, the mercenary company beaten so badly and completely by the Friesland forces - the Heliodorus Regiment - ceased to operate as a fighting unit, as of 353: they had no equipment and had sustained thirty percent personnel losses. Lastly, the Marvelan Confederacy decided that it could no longer simply rely on mercenary forces to protect its interests. They decided to form a permenant body of men: in all but name a standing army. Such a body could not afford, they reasoned, to go up against forces like the Friesland regulars - stuffed with ex Slammers personnel and using the latest blowers - but lesser forces, they deduced, or perhaps an FDF force of just Combat Cars (as had beaten the Heliodorus Regiment on Cantilucca) - was what they wanted to be able to defend their interests against. To quickly fill this need, the Marvelans decided to offer full time employment to what remained of the Heliodorus Regiment, re-equip them and use them as the basis for a trained force and so the Marvelan Confederacy Enforcement Corps (MCEC) were born. Previously, the Heliodorus Regiment had fielded a light infantry force with unarmoured, wheeled transport, using cone-bore infantry weapons with explosive bullets. They also used towed cone-bore weapons, for anti-tank work and supplemented their arsenal with infantry flame throwers.
M577 Mantaray APC