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The Stewart Regiment during the 2nd Kalan Civil War - 329TW
In 329TW, the planetary governments of Hiroseke and Stewart, re-ignited their feud on Kalan, an iridium- mining colony they had founded together decades before hand, and over which they had already fought one bitter struggle. Japanese and Scots were again in open warfare over production rights and were shooting at each other for another five years... All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade  (British and NeoSov ranges). This time they had reached a stalemate of entrenched positions as, unlike during the the previous conflict, by 329TW both sides had taken the opportunity to spend some of their vast, iridium derived wealth on superior weapons of war. The government of Hiroseke decided to produce all of their war materiel on-planet and set about a crash-building programme, however the Stewart Colonists took a rather different approach. They already had a very highly motivated, almost fanatical force led by the charismatic, though politically wily, planetary governor Lord Alex of Lothian (a small town in the mountains of the Stewart home world) and, in light of the previous hostilities, they had raised a standing, permanently armed militia prior to the conflict of 329TW. That civil war saw the Stewart peoples faced with two problems. Firstly, military leadership: they did have the occasional, talented, experienced military leader - like Major FitzAlan - who had previously served with the Thunderbolt Division mercenary company and, such was his ability and personality, his men would follow him almost anywhere. But he was the exception: generally the Stewart leaders, whilst politically canny, were lacking in real military training, with mostly inexperienced officers with just the odd capable sergeant. However, their fighting force made up for this lack of effective leadership with both flair and great familiarity with their personal weapons and also the rigours of hunting game (a national sport - almost an obsession) and this stood them in some stead. Secondly, their problem was one of simple manufacturing capacity. The Stewart cities had only one Heavy Plant manufacturing complex in Hardgate, which made both small space ships and heavy transport vehicles but they quickly converted this over into making armoured fighting vehicles. From plans supplied to them from an undisclosed source (although almost certainly via connections on old Terra), they began to manufacture both a heavy MBT called the Apollo and an MICV called Artemis.
Hardgate Industries Apollo MBT. This carries a 9.5cm railgun