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The Zaporoskiye Brigade (Post 340TW)
Led by Hetman (Colonel) Ivan Orlyk, the Zaporoskiye Brigade - established almost thirty years before hand - spent the years between 320 and 338 completed many contracts on dozens of worlds including Sulewesi, Cullen's World, Ktarch and planets within the Gorgon Cluster. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models Background Around 340 TW the Brigade changed many of their front line service AFVs and - at the same time - tried out various infantry equipment configurations. They wanted to put a greater emphasis on tank destroyers and supporting assault guns and attempted to uprate their APCs. They also tried out refitting some older vehicles in store with the manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, adding up armour kits. Finally they continued their experimentation with very heavy vehicles, swinging away from older attempts with slow firing powerguns and returning two the heavier Sabot rounds but with multiple barrels. Finally - and to reduce complexity - they began using missiles fired though the main gun tubes and began the process of updating their AI systems to allow anti- Air/artillery fire sing their gatling systems, reducing their reliance on other mercenary companies to provide this service.
The Mech Tank Hunter - based on the same chassis as the Bars but with a bigger 22cm DS gun. This has the Yubka up armour package. The Mammont Super Heavy Tank. An experimental design with twin 22cm DS main guns although other options are undergoing trials