Hammer’s Slammers - Reviews and more There have been several reviews of the rules in on-line locations plus more in print. This page aims to point gamers in their direction. The rulebook itself is described in print in a review by Wargames Recon as “...beautiful... Pure wargames porn...” and is sumptuously illustrated. They later went on to say that the “...system deserves to have a good following, it has a fully rounded universe, interesting concepts, popular books and a pretty slick set of rules...”. The reviewer gave them “...7.5 out of 10 overall”. But don’t just take their word for it: there’s a pod cast review from Meeples & Miniatures (number 68), a review in Issue 7 of The Ancible and a review in this issue of Sierra Foxtrot One Five who give the book “...3.5 out of 4 stars and recommend[s] it to every-body out there”. So read (or listen) to the independent reviews and then make your own decisions! Or try this You Tube Link! Another review of The Crucible in a podcast can be had from This Week in Wargaming Episode AT13. The reviewer says “This book is gorgeous... You could leave this out on your coffee table to explain what this hobby is all about... if you have any interest in sci-fi this is a This Week in Wargaming purchase”. Have a look at an online thread describing the rules on TMP by poster Failure16. Finally, for those who need a short breakdown of the rules and how they work, click here for a PDF and here for an example of a few pages.
Infantry swarm a combat car
Alaudae Infantry Ariete Division Cougar tank and Lynx APC TAS HALO Tank
Ariete Division AFVs
Alaudae Infantry
Ariete Division Cougar tank SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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