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The Antargran Regular Army (UAAF): in 15mm
The Antargran forces are mentioned in the Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible as being the progenitors of the Mercenary Company The Thunderbolt Division. This force represents their final post-civil-war form (around 330TW onwards) after the Thunderbolts had gone their own way. All vehicle models and figures are from Khurasan Miniatures. Antargan Regular Army (UAAF) For seven years in the mid-three-twenties, Antargra, a large, productive world on the borders of the Gorgon Cluster, was locked into a bitter civil war. After the final siege of the capital, Triere, - the remains of Antargra's standing army of the northern forces finally admitted defeat. Following the end of hostilities, most of the northern forces disbanded. Some of those who did not formed a mercenary company - the 'Thunderbolt Division' - and shipped off planet with some of their lighter equipment. The remains of the Southern armies, with some equipment from the northern states, were formed into the Unified Antargran Armed Forces (The UAAF). Keen to maintain - and even expand - their living space, in the years after the civil war the 'Leader', as the head of their unified world government now styled himself, expanded the armed forces of Antargra developing new AVFs - usually tracked and heavily armoured and generally of more impressive capabilities than the materiel they replaced. They off loaded some older equipment  - including many half-tracks and wheeled vehicles - to Colonel Chiro (in charge of the Thunderbolts after the death of their original leader General Frederick) and the UAAF took the opportunity of re-equipping their forces with new equipment where possible.
download PDF The Zentaur heavy tank: 150 tonnes with quad track units