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The Alaudae Legion - Post 347TW
After many years campaigning as a mercenary force for hire, the Alaudae Legion have reequipped and have a more aggressive – and more technically advanced – highly mechanised elite force, able to take on the best of the opposition they may be paid to fight – and beat. All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade (EuroFed and American Republic ranges). The Legion - led by Colonel Cornelius Dark - are an elite Frankish unit from New Gallia. They have fought in many mercenary campaigns for a variety of employers and have often found themselves supporting other Frankish forces - such as the Compagnie de Barthe and the Division Legere - in what became know as the Gallic League. Formed in 321TW with the Alaudae’s unit badge of the crossed tusks of an elephant proudly displayed, the (then) Captain Cornelius Dark recruited battle hardened men and women from the remnants of the New Gallia regular army which found themselves without a cause after their bitter defeat - post an invasion - by the forces of Antargra. Over a number of years the New Gallians had finally ousted their oppressors but their planet was devastated, both economically and in actuality, and so hiring the remnants of their armed forces out as a mercenary unit seemed to make fiscal sense. Dark, a brave and noted leader and one of the only survivors from the New Gallia armoured brigades with both experience and the loyalty of his troops, was given the task of forming the force by the planetary provisional government. The Alaudae Legion fought, initially, with vehicles that were either legacy AFVs from their own standing army or similar machines that had been rapidly transported to them during their conflict by other friendly Frankish forces - and even further afield, from the likes of New Ukrainia: this led to the Legion fielding a plethora of adapted vehicles, including a number which had been up-gunned and configured to be tank destroyers with a limited arc forward gun.
The Gallieni Tank Destroyer. With a 20cm Powergun main armament and 2cm tribarrel powergun as a secondary system