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Hiroseki National Army (HNA) during the 2nd Kalan Civil War - 329TW
In 329TW, the planetary governments of Hiroseke and Stewart, re-ignited their feud on Kalan, an iridium- mining colony they had founded together decades before hand, and over which they had already fought one bitter struggle. Japanese and Scots were again in open warfare over production rights and were shooting at each other for another five years... All vehicle models are by Brigade. Figures are from Armies Army. This time they had reached a stalemate of entrenched positions as, unlike the previous conflict, both sides had taken the opportunity to spend some of their vast iridium derived wealth on superior weapons of war. The people of Stewart had begun importing AFVs from old Terra and making their own t supplement these, but the government of Hiroseke decided to produce all of their war materiel on planet and set about a crash building programme, constructing first the factories to manufacture vehicle and armaments and then the automated systems to speed the production of them. Design wise, the first thing that the Hiroseke people did was assess what other armies and mercenary forces were currently using and decided what could be learnt from this: what to avoid, but - equally - what to 'cherry pick' as successful technology. Using their impressive communications and computing systems, they quickly settled on designs gleaned from many sources while keeping their options open. The settles on lasers for many of their infantry and vehicle weapons, believing that their ability to miniaturise some of the components would lead to compact, easily usable firepower. However, they had not perfected some f their hoped for advances with Lasers and penetration, so they hedged their bets and bought in railgun and powergun technology from off planet sources (New Ukrainia and Heuvelman). They wanted to concentrate on defending territory, but speed and aggression could also be important, so their AFVs were quite well armoured for their size, but were based on soft skirt ACVs for speed. Those skirts were given a layer of hinged armoured plates as additional protection.
Mitsusaki Ind. Sohei Heavy Tank destroyer with 22cm DS Railgun and light ATGWs