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The Sincanmo Federation - post 340TW
The Sincanmo Federation militia employed the Slammers to overcome their Hashemite enemies on Meridienne in 334, ensuring victory over the Hashemite National Army.  Vehicle models by Antenocitis Workshop and Old Crow. Figures by Rebel Miniatures. Under tribal leader Chief Diabate, the Sincanmo Federation Militia utilised a variety of often poorly armoured ‘technicals’, usually armed with a broad collection of acquired weapon systems including lasers, missile systems - both ATGW and Hypersonic - mortars and assault rifles. The technicals’ – 4x4 or sometimes 6x6 trucks - enabled them to move quickly through the desert. These were usually the Kanagawa Goannas and Geckos although many other manufacturers were employed depending upon both personal choice and availability. Tribal commanders always tried to source better equipment and ‘ytop end’ transport with some of their personal vehicles equipped with powerguns and railguns. Chief Diabate utilised a selection of different vehicles including a Goanna heavy technical with a tribarrel powergun but later upgraded to a more substantial vehicle - an eight wheeled armoured APC - during the Meridienne war. Post the end of the Meridienne  war, when selecting heaver vehicles, the Federation turned to the AW Technologies Warthog, particularly the ADV version. This is a very large 4x4 with heavy armour and good cross-country performance for its mass. The Warthog is no better armed than other vehicles like the Gecko and the Zebu but has much greater survivability on the battlefield. The Federation also purchased some AC-TPEA Hunchbacks. These are 6x6 armoured APCs with increased ability to survive mine attacks and the latest spaced armour for use against buzz-bomb attacks, as the Sincanmo lack access to sophisticated - and expensive to maintain - ADS systems.
AW Technologies Warthog with a rapid firing 2cm powergun (equivalent to a 2cm tribarrel)