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Drug Cartels on Cantilucca
The planet of Cantilucca is part of the Marvelan Confederacy. It has two small moons and is local to the Delos system, however - for many years - its only real contribution is the manufacture of drugs, specifially Gage. Unfortunately, until brought under the control of Nieu Friseland, the only ‘government’ in effect on Cantilucca were rival drugs cartel such as the Astras and the L'Escorial. The Astras (who wear blue insignia) fight against the L'Escorial (who wear red) and both cartels are run by crime families. The Astras are in the charge of The Widow: Stella Guzman. She is deputied by Adolpho Peres her advisor. Master Simon Roberson is their ‘business manager’ and effectively bankrolls the Astras. Asa mirror of this, the L'Escorial are run by the Luria family. Raul Luria is the head of L'Escorial. His son Ramon and his grandson Pepe Luria form the rest of the main team although they also have a financial ‘advisor’: Suterbilt works for Trans-Star Trading but has a large financial stake in L'Escorial. Finally both cartels generally deal with a syndicate on Delos and the chief negotiator and fixer for that organisation is Madame Yarnell. The syndicate are not afraid of using forces to maintain the supply of Gage and wil even go as far as hiring mercenaries to back this up. This could take the form of either the Helidorus Regiment or - if mercenary forces were not enough - the Marvellan Confederacey themselves.
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