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Hashemite National Army and Sincanmo Federation
The Hashemite National Army are the standing force of the Hashemite peoples on Meridienne. They are an Arab occupying large swathes of the Northern half of the single large continent on Meridienne. Their people fought a long series of wars against their rivals the Sincanmo. The Sincanmo, who occupy the lands in the Southern half of the continent, are a more tribal and traditional culture. They are organised as extended families with several vehicles per family. Undiciplined but a great deal of experience in hit and run guerilla warfare. Meridienne is not a wealthy planet. As the two sides fought continuous smaller wars, they both sought a way out of the continual conflict and both resorted to employing various mercenary companies to assist them. The Hashemites began with paying for both the Thunderbolts and Broglie’s Legion so the Sincanmo countered with the Slammers... All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models Chief Diabate Diabate waas the Tribal leader of the Sincanmo during the First Meridienne War in 334TW however he died in that conflict. His role was inherited by his son who, of course, becasem the new Chief Diabate. His son set in motion a programme of new equipment purchases but this was limited by finances: although - on some level - his father had won a war and acieved a degree of peace, it didn’t last and, of course, the bill for hiring the Slammers had yet to be paid in full...
A Sincanmo Amiir halftrack armed with an RF Coil gun Chief Diabate in his Ugass with twin lasers and a tribarrel powergun