Errata Page 5 PDF Version Hampton’s Legion: An extra vehicle - an MW815-88M ATGW armed armoured Car - was described in the text but left off of the detachment list. This card is now available (in 15mm) and may be downloaded separately here. This ATGW vehicle may be substituted on a one-on-one basis with the MLRS in the assault detachment or the towed calliope variant (MW815-88C) may swap out for a similar GD800 based vehicle at the same cost. Suppement 3 optional rule Follow Me: A small part of the maths was wrong in the example (a typo, actually). Where it says “a veteran Lieutenant... then spends 5LPs to activate the optional rule (see chart above)” that should say (as it plainly shows on the actual chart): 4LPs to activate the optional rule” although - later on, when the maths is presented, the figures are accurate: “7+4+3=14LPs (as opposed to 28LPs) in total” . This has been changed in the downloadable version. Close Assault (vehicles): On page 112 the rules neglect to mention which defensive value facing on a vehicle infantry attack (assuming there is more than one infantry TU attacking). The answer is “their most advantageous”. For example, two Infantry TUs swarm a vehicle, one to the front (DV10) and one to the side (DV9). They add both of their Close Assault values to the result of 2D6 and attack the side DV trying to equal or beat DV9 with their result.  
TAS Angel tank
Blowers advance Rear gun on a Night Crow TAS Angel tank
Rear gun on a Night Crow
Blowers advance
Ariete Division Lynx heavy APC SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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