FAQs about Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible Questions that are frequently asked about the rule book include the following: Are the rules available as a PDF or other electronic format? Not as yet. All of the support material is available on this we site in PDF format but the core rules are only available in hard copy. Will there be another later update of the rules? None are planned. There are supplements available for free on this site that have rule updates in them. Why would I want to spend all that money on a rule book? Lots of rules are free to download nowadays. The Crucible 'rulebook' contains lots of other material besides rules: Painting guides, background material, reference material for different units from Drake's Slammers 'universe'. It is the only place where this material has been collected and contains material for fans of Drake's work that is available nowhere else. And it looks nice on your coffee table! (see other people's reviews here). Does the rule book contain a system for building forces based around what toys I already have in my collection? No, but the material covers almost 50 different pre-generated forces for you to 'proxy' your own models into if you wish. See examples of that here Can I find out more about how the rules work? Yes: download this pdf OK, I've bought them but there's some things I don't understand about the rules: what if I have questions with the rules themselves?  Look up the rules FAQs here or email the authors.
Slammers Blowers
Two Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood calliopes with twin quick-firing 3cm powerguns with infantry jeeps Apex Dragoons in the city Slammers Blowers
Apex Dragoons in the city
Two Flaming Sword calliopes
Flaming Sword twin Gun Mortar SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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