Putting on BIG Crucible Games With The Crucible, ranges are generally optimised to play games on a standard sized table - perhaps 8ft by 6ft or so. At that play area size, ranges are slanting towards realism for any given scale. However, when using big tables sizes (at shows or perhaps games that are designed to last longer than a couple of hours for two players) ranges and movement rates can often seem short (and not fast enough!). In 15mm and 6mm - where these problems most often seem to occur - a simple solution can be found, and another is available for all scales. They are: Go Large Using this option, any given size of model uses the next scale up for play sheets and detachment sheets. So 6mm uses 15mm, 15mm uses 28mm and... as you can see, this presents a problem for 28mm players. Go Imperial Using this option, any given size of model transcribes all ranges from centimetres to inches. So, in 15mm for example, Close range: becomes 8 inches not 8cm; Long range: is 120 - 250 inches and so on. With both options, advantages are faster movement and longer ranges. Disadvantages include some vehicles moving very rapidly (in ‘Imperial’, 15mm grav vehicles move 25 inches) and on table heavy mortars have to be 120 inches from their target (or be placed off table). If off table, check out Steel Rain and Returning Fire rules in Supplement 1
Thunderbolts line up
Sheffield 2011: 5 players, 20 detachments or so and scale half a kilometre wide Route 66 Game Salute 2013. Scale 1km long Thunderbolts line up for Sheffield practice game 2011
Route 66 Game: Scale 1km long!
Sheffield 2011: 5 players, 20 units
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