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Terran Authority Starmarines Advanced Units (348TW and beyond)
The TAS were tasked with policing conflicts arising from breach of contracts between planetary governments and mercenary forces. They are tough, experienced, well-equipped, elite troopers in full hard body armour and, equipment-wise, had always carried specialised, high-tech weapons. All vehicle models are by Brigade Models. Figures are from GZG. Terran Authority Starmarines Advanced Police Units  By the late 340s they found that their policy of supplementing wheeled transport and attack vehicles with anti-grav/hover HALO (High Approach, Low Operational) vehicles that had begun five standard years before that had come under pressure when faced with advancing technology used by the likes of the Friesland Defence Force. When taking part in full battle situations, the HALO vehicles were very capable of holding their own against any forces but - in less intensive conflict situations - the wheeled vehicles - such as the Enforcer APC - employed by the TAS were becoming a liability. Their lack of off-road mobility became to be seen as an unacceptable compromise. The TAS employed an earth based manufacturing company called Minerva Industries to utilise the latest advances in repulsor systems, the newest advances in Powergun technology and combined that with a more advanced missile system. Added to this was a change in the way that the individual troopers were armed with standard loads for infantry in hard suits to include an anti-tank capability and more reliance placed on remote controlled drones for individual police work, replacing actual troops on the ground with AI enhanced 'Fireflies'.
Ghost Light Tank: 9cm ECAP weapon, 54 tonnes and has a crew of two