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Wrangel’s Legion - 300 to 311TW
Wrangel’s Legion were a mechanised infantry mercenary company using fat and light wheeled vehicles including support buggies, trike ATVs and wheeled gun systems. All vehicle models and figures are by Ground Zero Games. Formed at a similar time to The Ariete Division, Wrangel’s Legion was one of the earlier 4th century mercenary companies, pre-dating the Slammers in their creation by some years. Created on the twin planets of the Ostrov system, things initially went well for the Legion and they evolved into a formidable infantry company. Their commander, Colonel Oliver Wrangel, chose his opponents and his battles carefully: he generally avoided conflicts where his men would be up against massed armour. However, on Montuak he made a mistake. Montuak saw the Legion pitched against well- supported, heavily armed troops and – although scheduled to be fighting alongside friendly mercenary armour – this support never materialised. Faced with a ‘meat grinder’ style battle, Wrangel’s Legion refused an order by their employers to assault the Confederation drop-zone on Montuak.   The Montuak government complained to the Bonding Authority and Wrangel’s bond was forfeited to the Montuaks and the Terran Authority Starmarines pursued Wrangel’s troops across the entire planet. After the Montuak debacle the Wrangel’s Legion ceased to be an effective fighting force: what had once been an effective light infantry force was no longer able to fight without support from the Bonding Authority and its remaining trained troops joined other mercenary companies where possible.
MOWAG-Whittle MW15-52A Gun System Vehicle with a 9cm railgun and Heavy Support Weapon