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Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood (Post 339TW)
After meeting the Slammers on Placidus in 339TW, the Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood decided they needed to uprate their equipment. These exponents of tank-destroyer warfare went out and bought bigger guns... All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade Models and Ground Zero Games Background The Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood are light dragoons of generally Arabic background. They are for the most part well-equipped with anti- armour buzzbomb teams in APCs supported by tank destroyers with 9-cm high-intensity powerguns, all mounted on fast, air-cushion vehicles. The FSHB units are often deployed as combined arms 'Commando' units - self-supporting and hard-hitting. On Placidus in support of Federation troops, they were led by Captain el-Khalid. Vehicles, Technology and Equipment The main weapon system used by the FSHB hhas always been various forms of hover/ACV or - latterly - Blower - tank destroyer. Up until the Placidus campaign, they used primarily the GD814 based on a hover chassis around a modified GD800 system hull with reinforced armour, mounting a 9cm High Intensity. Before Placidus, these AFVs were supplemented by heavier vehicles - though mounting the same weapon: the Icarus Industries M12A4. Though better armoured than the GD800, this version has a reduced armour value however, this was a trial and not considered a success so, post the Placidus campaign, a different, but parallel, direction was chosen with some heavier vehicles, specifically the larger M12L14 supplements by the lighter Gull Combat Systems GS1199 tank destroyer.
The M12L14 Tank destroyer from Icarus. With a 20cm Powergun main armament and 2cm tribarrel powergun as a secondary system