New Forces featured in The Crucible The Crucible contains unit details and insignia, organisational guides and play cards for 41 Mercenary and other forces. These include: Hammer’s Slammers, Baffin’s and Broglie’s Legion, The Compagnie de Barthe, The Thunderbolt Division, The Zaporoskiye Brigade, The Alaudae Legion, Anders’ Legion, Apex Dragoons, Bartel’s Armour, Bushmasters, Division Légère, Eaglewing Squadron, Fasolini’s Company, The Firelords, Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood, Foster’s Mercenaries, Greenwood’s Archers, Guardforce O’Higgins, Hampton’s Legion, Harris’ Commando, Heliodorus Regiment, Lightning Division, The Phenix Moirots, The Poplar Regiment, The Sons of Mangala, Texian 101st Airborne Light Infantry, United Defence Batteries, The Waldheim Dragoons, West Riding Yeomanry, The Wolverines, Han Black Banner Mechanised Brigade, Hashemite Nation, Hindi Army, Nonesuch National Guard, Oltenian Republican Army, Prosperity Rebel Nationalist Armoured Regiment, Sincanmo Federation Militia, Solace ‘Freedom Fighters’ Militia, Solace Point Authority Gendarmes, Solace Regulars and the Terran Authority Starmarines. It also contains a whole appendix on one of the few aliens within Drake’s work, the teleporting Molts! Of those forces, around a quarter are entirely new, another quarter have far more information in the shape of histories and TU play cards. More forces are available on this website!  
Downed Texian Black Crow
Apex Dragoons Trojan APC Apex Dragoons in defence Downed Texian Black Crow
Apex Dragoons in defence
Apex Dragoons Trojan APC
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