Expanded Weapon types In The Crucible, the number of different types of weapons have been greatly increased but it’s still easy to play as ALL of the information you need for these new weapons and their effects is featured on your forces TU cards. However, as players do like looking at lists of weapons (if only to see what their opponents are using!), there is a chart showing all of them on the PDF download page. New weapons include: Muskets (a primitive firearm for local militias); Flechette Shotguns (great at short range against infantry but not that good for much else); the mighty 25cm Powergun (awesome but with a slow rate of fire); the Twin 10cm High Intensity Powergun (rapid firing and deadly: as used by the Terran Authority Star Marines); Dual Feed Cannon (giving ammunition choices depending on target); Vehicle Mounted Flamethrowers  (that give persistent damage in the following turn to their targets) and even Limpet mines, Satchel Charges and Molotov Cocktails. In addition to weapons, there are new rules for Firing at Buildings and the effect it has on any troops inside, new rules for Nap of the Earth flying vehicles, new rules for Towed, Crew Served Weapons and remote control weapon systems: deploying them, the effects on the towing vehicle’s speed and terrain crossing abilities and lots more besides.    
Anders’ Legion in wait
Zaporoskiye Vombat MBT Hiroseki National Army Sohei MBTs Andersí Legion anti tank ATGW team lie in wait
Hiroseki Sohei MBTs
Zaporoskiye Vombat MBT
Wolverines Kleinekrad with supply trailer SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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