Expanded Range, Movement & Elite Skills In The Crucible, ranges and movement have been enhanced. Ranges are now defined as Point Blank, Close, Short, Medium, Long and NA/Infinite. There are also two new movement rates: between Slow and Fast is a Medium. Some vehicles now move Very Fast. Elite Skills are included as optional rules to enhance both leadership and individual Tactical Units. These can include: Leadfoot (faster vehicles driving); Snapshot (firing on the move); Hull Down (using the terrain defensively); Medic (helping infantry units stay in combat after taking fire); Dauntless and Close Quarter Battle - both designed to allow infantry units to be more effective in combat. Click here for the Elite skills Cheat Sheet. For the officers the skills include Inspirational Leader; Tactical Genius; A Shaper of Men; Morale Officer and Command Material - all leadership bonuses New Optional Rules include: Leading from the Front (a bonus for easily identifiable commanders); When the Bullets Fly (more details morale rules); Rapid Fire and others. Click here for the Optional Rules Cheat Sheet.    
Division Legere tanks
Compagnie de Barthe Montsabert Large Transport Hovercraft and a Slammers Combat Car on shallow water Division Legere Panthere tanks
Hovercraft & a Combat Car
Compagnie de Barthe Montsabert
Zaporoskiye Terminator Tank Destroyer SLAMMERS HAMMERíS
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