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Needing a fast response, the Federal government engaged Mercenary Companies with their own equipment and, in 326, several began to ship in including Podele's Lions, a hard hitting, battalion sized organisation led by Colonel Traian Stanescu. Because of their hiring of a Romanian Mercenary force, the Federals also received some support from another unit of Romanians from Oltenia. The Oltenian Regular army supplied a group called the Eagle Legion but they were mostly used to support garrison troops as - although well equipped - they were not best suited to offensive campaigns like the more experienced mercenaries. In 329 the Republicans upped their game with some more advanced AFVs shipped directly from Henschel on Terra and the Federal forces hired more mercenaries to counter this including Fasolini's Company, an infantry specialist unit. Fasolini's Company was a highly experienced unit with extensive Anti-Air capability and had been recruiting on the planet Beauty, a three months beforehand (and around 37 light years away) when the Federal Government placed their contract. Unfortunately, Colonel Guido Fasolini was killed during the early part of the campaign on Cecach, replaced by Albrecht Waldstejn, actually a Cecach Federal officer from the 522nd Garrison Battalion. The conflict on Cecach ended after seven years in 329TW.  
The Henschel Pz266 Eisenfaust Main Battle Tank
The Cecach Campaign 322 - 329TW
Forges de Milhaud Javelot 4x4 Infantry support with twin HSW Forges de Milhaud Lievre 6x6 Infantry Pickup Fasolinins Company