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In general - and having lost much heavy equipment in the planetary war - the Legion used light to medium weight hover vehicle hulls armed with, predominantly, laser weapons. These were employed almost universally all the way from their larger vehicles - including the Scarab heavy laser tank destroyer (up gunned by removing the turret from damaged Firefly hulls given the space to emplace larger generators and so field a heavier laser), remaining Firefly light tanks and Dragonfly APCs - right down to side arms for the infantry. Laser were what they had, they were what they knew and that is what they used. One advantage of laser weapons is flexibility in targeting and rapid fire, however - although all of these laser weapons on the tanks were configured for anti-artillery work - the Scarab tank destroyers' restrictive weapons mount (FArc only) meant that their main gun was ineffective in that role: whilst the Tank Destroyer weapon layout is not such a disadvantage on a GEV hull, it is often not ideal for aggressive, mercenary actions and it was simply impossible to implement it in the AAA role, no matter how much AI was fitted to the AFV: the reaction times simply were not quick enough. To add to the Legion's problems, the early APC's did not have the space for the necessary AI to be fitted to enable them to function in the air/artillery defence role either so the Legion developed a very efficient calliope fitted with twin RF light lasers which - when supplemented by the light tanks - made the Alaudae well equipped to stop long range artillery.  
A Mosquito II air-defence system - rapid firing quad light 6cm lasers: twice the firepower of its predecessor
The Alaudae Legion - Post 347TW
The dangerous end of a Mosquito air-defence system - rapid firing light laser systems with nitrogen cooled barrels A Mosquito air-defence system - rapid firing twin light 6cm lasers