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Overall, the HNA eschewed active buzzbomb and missile protection systems, reserving the main laser weapons where possible for anti-artillery, anti-satellite work and relying on advanced spaced armour to reduce the effects of shaped charge warheads throughout their vehicles. As a newly raised army, although lacking in much real experience, the Hiroseki Nationals were well trained and very well disciplined with efficient - and highly motivating - officers.  Two areas that they excelled in were communications systems and defensive doctrine and a finer example of their officer cadre than Major Okuninushi could not be found. Infantry carried a high proportion of short range buzzbombs to saturate targets and were protected by body armour and wore helmets with extensive comms and sensors built in. Vehicles he HNA vehicles in use by the time of the second Kalan civil war included the Sohei heavy battle tank and its variants. This had a heavily armoured hull and mounted a variety of weapon types in 360 degree turrets. The main weapon system was a 25cm Heavy Laser but carried a pintel mounted and remotely actionable heavy support weapon (common throughout many of the designs from this manufacturer) and light Manta ATGW missile rack for use against the top armour of opponents. An alternative weapons mount for work against lighter targets was a Sohei Support tank which swapped the Heavy Laser for a 2cm gatling weapon: faster firing but slower to acquire targets than the laser and with less penetration.
Mitsusaki Ind. Shaman Medium Tank with 17cm Heavy Laser and HSW
Hiroseki National Army (HNA) during the 2nd Kalan Civil War - 329TW
Mitsusaki Ind. Sohei Heavy Tank with 25cm Heavy Laser and light ATGWs