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Vehicles, Technology and Equipment All of the newest of the Zaporoskiye's fleet of vehicles use small fusion power plants (though not as compact as the Westal AE7s, as fitted to Slammer's Blowers). These generators provide constant electrical power which - in addition to the drive sprocket - is used to drive all the AFVs road wheels, each of which has individual electromagnetic suspension that floats the fighting compartment independently of the transmission for a very smooth, effective system. Because each wheel is driven independently, the rear toothed drive wheel is only in place for extra traction: if the vehicle sheds an entire track, all the wheels can still power the vehicle forward, though with rather less grip and greater ground pressure. The smaller vehicles - specifically the scout vehicles - and the older vehicles (like the Bizon and their derivatives) use simple fuelled engines.
The Rosomakha Light Tank used in the Recce Detachment. This one has the 2cm gatling rail gun however there are other variants with a 6cm support weapon and all have an extra stowage space for a spotter or sniper.
The Zaporoskiye Brigade (Post 340TW)
A Bars MBT with a rapid firing 9cm Auto Cannon and a 1cm gatling as the secondary. This one has a turret basket fitted Infantry in heavy armour carrying coil guns, supprt weapons and buzzbombs deply from two Kunitsa APCs and a Belette heavy recce vehicle with missile system.