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Zaporoskiye Brigade (Post 340TW)
After fighting for many years as a mercenary force, by the late 330s, the Zaporoskiye Brigade needed an equipment update... All vehicle models and figures are by Brigade models Background Formed in 311TW, the Zaporoskiye Brigade is currently one of the better established mercenary units. Originally hailing from New Ukrainia, the Brigade specialises in mobile, medium weight forces operating in rough terrain. They tend to fight in conflicts where cost is an issue for their employers and they are usually found providing armour support to other mercenary groups and standing armies. Although it has fought on many planets the Brigade was notably employed by the rebels in their fight against the government forces on Sulewesi. On this occasion the Brigade’s financial masters were the Sulewesi ‘Council’ – sometimes called the Maha Putera (Great Prince). The ‘Council’ employed a number of middling quality mercenary outfits in their struggle against the Sulewesi government in 328TW. After several years of ineffective political struggle followed by half a decade of low level guerrilla warfare, the Sulewesi Council decided to force their claim to power. Amongst the small number of off-planet mercenary groups employed they contracted several Brazilian outfits - including the Brigada Independência (Cobras Fumantes) - in a variety of roles. Amongst those hired hands were the Tingitana; an artillery brigade specialising in Rocket launch artillery and support calliopes based on hover transport (ACVs). The Tingitana had a long standing mutual support arrangement with the Zaporoskiyes to supply them with heavy armour and so the Slavic tank unit found themselves on Sulewesi in 328. Unfortunately for them, they not only came up against Sulewesi regular army troops – almost entirely comprised of lower quality, badly trained infantry (in wheeled APCs identical to the ones their employers used) – but several mercenary companies engaged to stiffen their backs. This latter group included the Slammers.
The Bizon Heavy Battle tank by Uralvagonzavod  an older generation of vehicle but still armed with a 9cm railgun with missile firing option and 1cm gatling railgun