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After several years of this ineffectual political struggle, followed by low-level guerrilla warfare throughout much of the decade, the Sulewesi Council decided to come out of hiding and force their claim to power. To do this, they needed two things: money and force of arms. The former was achieved by annexing one of the rich mining bases on Sulewesi II, one of it's large habitable moons. The latter was brought about by using that wealth - or, more accurately, the promise of wealth to come - to raise a bond and hire small number of off-planet mercenary groups. The Sulwesei Rebel Council equipped their own forces with ex government AFVs and, in some cases, the troops themselves - service in the army had been one of the few occupations available to newcomers who didn't want to work in the iridium mines. Amongst those hired hands that supplemented these forces were the Tingitana; a Brazilian artillery brigade specialising in rocket artillery and support calliopes based on hover transport (ACVs). The Tingitana had a long-standing mutual support arrangement with both the Smoking Cobras (another Brazilian unit) and the Zaporoskiyes to supply them with heavy armour and so the Brazilians and Slavic units found themselves on Sulewesi in 328. Unfortunately for the council, their forces not only came up against Sulewesi regular army troops - almost entirely comprised of lower quality, quite badly trained infantry (in wheeled APCs identical to the ones the Sulewesi Council used) - but several mercenary companies engaged to stiffen their backs. This latter group included the Slammers. Vehicles Using mostly technology built under licence from old Terra - and almost exclusively via a trade agreement with the Southern African Combine - The Sulwesi Council - and their rebel opponents - employed multi wheeled vehicles to great effect (within the limits of their training). Six wheeled and four wheeled vehicles were the norm, the larger ones employing skid steering although lighter vehicles were steered conventionally. All were diesel powered.
Denel R12APC - armed with a heavy support weapon this carries up to 8 infantry
The Sulwesi Regular Army - 328 TW
Denel R14AA Buffel Air Defence Variant - this carries Heavy RF Coilgun and Manta light Anti tank missiles but no infantry