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Slammerhead: Alois’ boys go to the Hammerhead show in 2014
Andrew Hubback and Kevin
Retaking Clyde City The South London Warlords took the final part of the Route 66 game to Hammerhead. The trilogy of games started at Salute 2013 with the 36 foot long rush down the eponymous Route 66 to Clyde city by two detachments of Slammers and some allies. They only got to the outskirts of the city. Colours in 2013 saw the attack into Clyde city itself with a smaller game some half the size of the Salute game. In that scenario the Slammers had to park a vehicle out side of the main administrative offices of the city and they succeeded… just. But - as so often happens in war - the territory gained was subsequently lost again and the Hammerhead game saw the Slammers retaking Clyde City with a pincer attack. This time - to make sure they didn't have to do this all over again - the Slammers needed to park a vehicle outside of three buildings in the city and they formed a pincer attack to do so. The game was played on a smaller table with a section of the Clyde City terrain used previously. Around half of the buildings were used from the previous game and we used three sets of the Tomeca roadway sections. There were four Slammers troops (as in two detachments: 8 Blower tanks (including a command tank), 7 combat cars and a command car) operating under sergeants including to sergeants with Elite Skills, all as per the Slammers troop sheet. The opposition were two detachments of the Antargran Regular Army and one of the West Riding Yeomanry The later had their Lt Cain in command the Antargrans had just a regular Lieutenant and Captain.
John Treadaway - March 2014
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Fi checks out the rule board - this handy display has most of the charts, helping to avoid looking at the play sheet too often The game set up at Hammerhead with rules boards behind