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Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page A New Ukrainian Molot heavy tank (Critical Mass Games) advances to the edge of the city
Photos by John Treadaway and Kevin Dallimore - September 2013
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The Slammers Blowers and Combat cars (Ainsty Castings) get ready to moove off Antargran Zentaur Heavy Tanks (Khurasan)move through Clyde City The MCEC - a Shark Tank Destroyer and two Stingray support vehicles (Atenociti) - adopt concealed firing positions in Clyde City The game is set up The game is set up
Route 66: Terminus - Warlords Showgame at Colours 2013
The game at Colours 2013 was largely a continuation of the game we set up at Salute 2013. At Salute there was a 36 foot table and the Slammers had landed at the Starport and were fighting their way down the eponymous Route 66 heading towards the city but didn't make it all of the way by the end of play (10 metres plus is a long way to travel in 1/100th when you are demo- ing a game and having audience members participate!). At Colours we decided to play out the final attack on the city itself and so set up the last half of the table - around 16 feet - with just the (delightful) swamp areas outside of the city and Clyde city itself with its residential and slightly industrial areas served by the monorail. Models were scratch built and adapted from model railway scenery (Kato primarily). Vehicles in use on the day were from Ainsty, Brigade, Antenociti, Critical Mass, Old Crow, GZG and Khurasan. Figures were from GZG, Eureka, Armies Army, Old Crow and - again - Khurasan. An After Action report of the game -with maps and so forth - can be found here, but it was two whole days of Slammering and blowing things up! Have a look at the captioned pictures and reference the action to the AAR. Many thanks to Roger Dixon for building so much of the scenery and for Kevin Dallimore, Peter Merritt, Ivan Congreve and Jim Clark -and Roger - for playing through the game. Finally thanks to the South London Warlords for assisting with getting us to the show and for Colours for having us. John Treadaway September 2013