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Pictures of Slammers Universe Vehicles and Figures

Use the links below to see many unpublished shots of vehicles and figures, most built and painted (and all photographed) by
John Treadaway.

Rattlecan Painting fast and dirty with spray cans and the Apex Dragoons!

West Riding Yeomanry Vehicles

West Riding transportation

West Riding Yeomanry Infantry (example right)

Slammers Blowers including Dazzle pattern Combat Car

Slammers Hogs and Support Vehicles

Slammers shots from the first book: some other mercenary groups as well and almost all painted by Kevin Dallimore

Slammers shots from the second book: some other mercenary groups plus the TAS painted by Kevin Dallimore and John Treadaway



Zaporoskiye (painted by Kevin Dallimore)

Texians hunt the Yeomanry in devastation (Texians painted by Graham Green)

Thunderbolt Division (painted by Kevin Dallimore)

Wolverines, Apex Dragoons and Flaming Sword commandos

Building Devastation

Hammer's Anvils Launch game - Game shots and worked up shots

Hammer's Anvils game at Hammerhead

Buildings from Nothing - contructing scenery from discarded items!

Other Slammers images

West riding Yeomanry, Wolverines and Thunderbolt Legion
low loader
combat cars
support air defence dick sulin
Zaporoskiye Eagles
Zaporoskiye Skorpion Wolverines lander
Zaporoskiye ambulance
Apex dragoons
engineer vehicle
tas tank
Texian Infantry
fencing master convoy from above Texian Infantry
Texian Infantry
hog tank commander flaming sword commandos


West Riding Yeomanry Wolverines Thunderbolt