West Riding Yeomanry

John Treadaway
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These are Old Crow medium hover vehicles. The building is a scratch built, low-tech fort on some distant planet (actually designed for use with Victorian SF).

2 APCs 1 2 Tanks air defence 1 APC & Tank APC churchill 1 APC churchill 2
2 APCs 1.jpg 2 Tanks.jpg air defence 1.jpg APC & Tank.jpg APC churchill 1.jpg APC churchill 2.jpg
APC churchill close APC wellington 1 commander j1 commander n1 commander n2 flat side tank
APC churchill cl... APC wellington 1... commander j1.jpg commander n1.jpg commander n2.jpg flat side tank.jpg
mono APC churchill 2 mono Tank nightingale2 Tank nightingale1 Tank nightingale2 tank park tank rears
mono APC churchi... mono Tank nighti... Tank nightingale... Tank nightingale... tank park.jpg tank rears.jpg
Tank stirling 1 Tank stirling 2 tank trought the gate
Tank stirling 1.jpg Tank stirling 2.jpg tank trought the...