I wanted to paint some vehicles for
the Slammers opponents - some
Apex Dragoons in fact. But I don’t
own an airbrush and I didn’t want
the camouflage to look brush
painted. Spray cans then...!
I’d seen an article where White Tac
was used on a 1/72nd scale tank
and I figured that this was close
enough to the scale I was working
in (when I say ‘scale’ I mean
28mm - 1/56th or thereabouts), so
I thought I would give it a go.
My first job was to buy some white
tac - (WH Smiths own brand of
sticky putty stuff), assemble some
vehicles (Old Crow items) and
spray them sand with a ‘rattle can’
of Airfix sand coloured paint.
I then started adding white tack...
White-tac is progressively added to the models and “arranged” with a stylus
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