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Vehicles and Equipment The division uses exclusively wheeled light and heavier vehicles - manufactured by MOWAG-Whittle for the heavier vehicles and Walshbenz for the ligter buggies and Trike ATVs. These typically feature a variety of projectile weapons: flechette and slug throwing gannon and railguns, supplemented by ATGWs and light mortars. All of the heavier vehicles have strengthened undersides for extra protection against mines Vehicles Gun System Vehicle MOWAG-Whittle MW815-52A Gun System Vehicle is based on the 815-5 series 8 wheeled hull. It uses a gas turbine engine to drive all eight wheels and is armed with a heavy 9cm railgun in a turret, one of the most powerful available at the time. Speed is good, although armour is thin, especially at the sides and rear. Secondary weapon is a Heavy Support weapon. Their is a missile armed variant of this vehicle - the MW815-54A - armed with the K1 Medium ATGW. All have a crew of three. APC Using the same armoured and mine resistant 815-5 series 8 wheeled hull as the Gun system, the MW815-50A APC is armed with a 2cm auto-cannon and carries eight infantry and two crew. Variants on that include the MW815-51A MICV with the weapon replaced by a 2cm Gatling Railgun turret but with a third crew member and only space for a group of four infantry. The MW815-53A command vehicle has higher body work but carries no infantry and the MW815-51LM mortar uses the same hull as the command vehicle but mounts a light, fast firing mortar beneath a folding roof hatch. Buggies and Trike ATVs If not mounted on Walshbenz 3R Trike ATVs, Mobile Infantry use the Walshbenz Geräteträger 6x6 buggy or it’s articulated version with a powered trailer (the Geräteträger-12). These may be armed with Heavy Support Weapons or - for the Geräteträger-12 -additional Auto-Grenade launchers or light ATGW missile systems may be fitted. If neither are added, four infantry may ride in the rear section firing their infantry weapons in support.
MOWAG-Whittle MW15-53A Command Vehicle based on the APC
Wrangel’s Legion - 300 to 311TW