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The range of vehicles that Minerva Industries designed used a LILO - Low Insertion, Low Operational - mode. These use SRG technology (Static Repulsion Generators - as used on Fireflies) for all lift but with fan thrust for movement control (pitch, yaw and roll) - especially when employing rapid changes of direction. This means that they can only operate in an environment with a relatively thick (earth normal) atmosphere (although it need not be breathable). The SRG field is generated underneath the vehicle with a thin shroud, looking a great deal like a thin plenum chamber. The LILO vehicles cannot deploy from orbit like their HALO cousins but are still deployed from starships within the atmosphere. Although they can exit from a ship on the ground in the usual fashion for AFVs, the ships themselves need not land if a field is unavailable: the LILO vehicles are capable of low insertion up to several thousand feet from ground level providing the starship is travelling at a moderate speed. The LILO vehicles have not only advantages of speed and ease of insertion over their wheeled counterparts; they have - in some areas - better ballistic protection and greater mobility over difficult terrain. The only are they were found to be lacking was in attacks from above: the large SRG effect conduit skirts and exposed generators could, with missile and mortar attack - prove vulnerable. New Weapons and weapon systems Enhanced Combustion Assisted Plasma (ECAP) weapons With these newest forces, the TAS has experimented with a new approach for main weapons using recent developments to CA weapons - Chemical or Combustion Assisted Plasma. This has resulted in the Enhanced CAP or ECAP weapon systems.  CAP weapons were often dismissed as a 'poor mans alternative' to Powerguns having good penetration but inferior explosive 'impact' upon hitting a target. These newer ECAP weapons employ technologies from both powerguns and CAP weapons to produce a new, fast firing weapon combining some of the traits of both systems. Secondary weapon systems on the Minerva Industries vehicles are quick firing advanced cooled and 3cm powerguns and advanced light missile launchers. They also carry advanced tracking pods (Sniper Pods) where appropriate to increase the lethality of missiles (and the survivability of the launch vehicles, offering, as they do, 'fire and forget' capability).
Wraith Medium Tank: 12cm ECAP weapon, 88 tonnes and has a crew of two
Terran Authority Starmarines Advanced Units (348TW and beyond)